About Philip Rosheger from a 1994 concert program 
Philip Rosheger performs his "Elegy"
Philip Rosheger performs his "Waltz in Heart Time"
Philip Rosheger performs his "Lullaby to Wake Up With"
James Kline performs Philip Rosheger's "Serenade"
Three Pieces by Philip Rosheger performed by David Russell
James Kline performs Philip Rosheger's "Fog" 
James Kline performs Philip Rosheger's 
"In Dreams Awake" 
James Kline performs Philip Rosheger's "Sweet Compassion" 
Memories of  Philip Rosheger in Spain and Italy by Benjamin Bolt
Classical Guitarist, Composer, Rambler
10 Waltzes, Vol. l
Philip's Music
10 Waltzes, Vol. ll
Lullaby to
Wake Up With
Dream Tango
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Philip passed away December 4th, 2013, following surgery October 23rd, and a fund was established for funeral and memorial expenses. A memorial concert was held April 19th 2014 in San Bruno and attended by family and friends in celebration of his memory and talent. It was a moving celebration of the love, respect and admiration Philip had in the guitar world. 

James Kline performs Philip Rosheger's "Serenade" 
posted in 2013 on facebook from a concert in Spain 
Carla Melzack Letter of Gratitude